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On Bondage in Australia - Fetish Dating 'down under'
For many depraved people, bondage is a huge part of their interaction with their fetish girlfriend. It can bring a sense of joy to both partners through aesthetic, physical, and erotic pleasure. Though bondage could be a moderately risky adventure, many people find the appeal is the possible danger. To that end, being unable of evading bindings can produce a sense of satisfaction in both the bottom and the Top. It's interesting to see the different reasons most people give for taking part in bondage, and mine aren't too terribly far from theirs.
Tops often engage in bondage for a variety of reasons. These include being able to supervise their partner's motions, having free access to their erogenous zones, or even simply having power. Too often we face the daily anxiety and stress of being at the disposition of the collective-that is to say we don't have complete control over the things that take place through the course of our lives. Being a Top (or Master, Mistress, etc.) can grant us that feeling of control that we lust after during our ordinary functioning. It can greatly improve our self-esteem and make us feel whole as it offers us the opportunity to call the shots. I've known many Tops who said their resolve to complete projects at the workplace improved after connecting with their bottoms.
For bottoms, finding yourself in a position of weakness is what drives them. When we're in powerful positions beyond the BDSM world, we tend to desire to lose control. Being tied provides us the potential to experience our surroundings more perceptively. We're compelled to feel the hand between our legs, to focus on the vulnerable areas that are being stimulated, and to be at the urge of our Tops. This adventure is what makes us bottoms. It makes us want more because being vulnerable is an adventure.
One of the factors I love about bondage is how open-ended the activity might be. It doesn't always necessarily involve sexual stimulation. When it's used creatively, it may be for fetish picture taking where the bottom is artfully placed in a position of servility. They might be ornamented with rope, chains, tape, or other straps made as restraints. They could have their legs spread out by a spreader bar or even be tied up like a pig being readied for slaughter. However the bottom loves to be exploited, it can end up being a true work of art.
On the erotic side, being bound is visually and physically pleasing. There's nothing more enticing than seeing my bottom secured to the bed. It's physically stimulating for them as much as it is for me, so we both gain from this pastime. Being able to position their bottom in the air for a spanking without worrying about them escaping is exhilarating. Having their legs spread with their genitals laid open for stroking is beyond gratifying. I simply can't get enough of it. I've observed in these instances that the stimulation begins visually for me. Seeing them impotent instantaneously awakens my dominant side and I start to fill the role almost instantly.

One of my favorites component of bondage includes the physical stimulation. The uncomplicated feeling of feeling restrained offers me a pleasure indescribable. My subs have told me lot of times how the sensation drives them forward, how having something to pull on increases their gratification. A couple of them prefer rope while others prefer leather-the material doesn't matter to me as long as I'm able to tie them up with it. Despite the fact I'm normally a Top, I do indulge in changing positions every now and then and letting my sub to put me in a helpless position. Rope has always been my favored for this switch because of how lovely the silk rope feels on my skin. It makes me feel beautiful in ways that most clothes can't which is the biggest appeal for me.
Though I usually use bondage for enjoyment, I also like to use bondage for punishment. A bratty sub might find themselves cuffed to the toilet in the bathroom. "You're filthy," I'll say to them. "So, you might as well be hooked to something filthy." I'll leave them there for 20 minutes, check on them periodically, and then take them out whenever I feel that they have learned their lesson. Sometimes, I'll tie them like a hog and leave them in the drawing room for others to see their agony and shamefacedness at not heeding their Top. It brings me joy to see them break-and I'm more than positive it makes them feel much the same.
From physical joy to aesthetic thrill, bondage figures in every kinky heart. It's wide range of uses continues to inspire us during our scenes and progressively provides satisfaction on all levels. Both Tops and bottoms alike who love bondage can vouch for the amazing ways they have been freed from their own bonds, whether that be work or personal. However you enjoy bondage, it's clear that it is just one of the primary in the BDSM community. Anyway, where would BDSM be without the B?

For many kinky people, bondage is a huge part of their interaction with their fetish partner. It's interesting to see the varied reasons many people give for engaging in bondage, and mine aren't too terribly far from theirs.

Tops often engage in bondage for a number of reasons. I tend to use bondage for pleasure, I also like to use bondage for punishment. Both Tops and bottoms alike who love bondage can attest to the amazing ways they have been freed from their own bonds, whether that be work or personal.
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